Senegal, nation in western Africa. Situated at the westernmost purpose of the landmass and served by various air and sea travel courses, Senegal is known as the "Door to Africa." The nation lies at a biological limit where semiarid field, oceanfront, and tropical rainforest merge; this differing condition has supplied Senegal with a wide assortment of plant and creature life. It is from this rich normal legacy that the nation's national images were picked: the baobab tree and the lion. Despite the fact that Senegal customarily has been subject to peanuts (groundnuts), the legislature had some accomplishment with endeavors to enhance the nation's economy. Everything considered, the nation drove forward through a monetary decrease in the twentieth century, owing in some measure to outside powers, for example, the fall in estimation of the African Financial Community France and the noteworthy cost of commitment redesign similarly as to inside components, for instance, a rapidly creating people and sweeping joblessness.

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Best Places to Visit in Senegal

Goree Island

Gorée Island, French Île de Gorée, little island at the south of Cape Verde Peninsula, Senegal, that was the site of one of the soonest European settlements in Western Africa and since quite a while ago filled in as a station for slave and other exchanging. It is a fairly desolate volcanic stone of just 88 sections of land (36 hectares) that direct the roadstead of Dakar harbors. The little, beautiful town of Gorée is about coextensive with the island. Gorée Island was first visited (1444) by Portuguese mariners under Dinís Dias and involved in resulting years. The island's indigenous Lebu individuals were later dislodged, and strongholds were raised.

Pink Lake

Pink Lake, additionally understood as Retba Lake, is a staggering lake loaded with pink-purple shading. It has known to have enormous measure of salt substance and novel types of microscopic organisms. Watch this enchanting lake in the impression of the daylight offers you a dazzling perspective. Drive for an hour to north from the capital Dakar to watch staggering salt collecting. The elements of why a lake turns pink are perplexing. Outer changes and climate conditions can influence the shade of the lake. Esperance's Pink Lake has lost its pink shading because of saltiness changes brought about by human movement.

Cap Skirring

The Cap Skiring was first involved by anglers. It was found by the French of Ziguinchor as a balneal zone during the 1960s. A runway for little planes was worked toward the finish of 1960 by individuals from the Aero Club de Ziguinchor. Cap Skiring is a notable town arranged on the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can locate an awesome coastline resort, fairway to play gold, and an air terminal. Likewise, you can invest relaxation energy by unwinding on one of the charming sea shores in Africa here. Ensure you investigate the white sandy sea shore embellished with eye-getting coconut palm trees.

Senegal River

Senegal River, waterway of western Africa, with a length of 1,020 miles (1,641 km). Its seepage bowl incorporates somewhere in the range of 174,000 square miles (450,000 square km). Two of the waterway's three headstreams ascend in the Fouta Djallon good countries in Guinea, after which it streams toward the northwest and afterward toward the west to deplete into the Atlantic Ocean. For around 515 miles (830 km) of its course it frames the limit between Mauritania toward the north and Senegal toward the south. The stream's angle is amazingly slight in the delta, and, until the culmination of the Diama Dam close to the waterway's mouth in 1985, salt water had the option to stream upstream to Dagana during times of low water.


Touba, in full Touba Mosquée, town, west-focal Senegal. The town is the home of the Grand Mosquée of the Mourides (Murīdiyyah), an enormous and persuasive Muslim order in Senegal. The mosque, arranged at the center of the town, is a colossal white structure with five minarets that houses the tomb of Amadou Bamba M'backe (d. 1927), who set up the solicitation and the town. The Mourides have set up an Islamic college and an enormous open library in Touba. Notwithstanding the Grand Mosquée, there are additionally a few littler mosques situated all through the town. Touba is the site of the yearly Grand Magal journey for the Mourides.

Lompoul desert

The Lompoul is a little desert (around 18 km) found 145 km south of St. Louis, Senegal. It is described by the nearness of sand ridges in the Sahara and Mauritania than those of Senegal and is a mainstream vacation spot of Senegal. The desert is named after the nearest settlement, ie, the town of Lompoul. You can likewise appreciate the festivals of the Sahel Festival, a mind boggling performance, here when traveling in this sublime African nation. It is portrayed by orange sand ridges shaping a scene that is increasingly likened to those of the Sahara and Mauritania than those of the encompassing zone of Senegal (the Grande-Côte),[2] and is a famous vacation destination of Senegal.

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

Is it accurate to say that you are a birder keen on finding novel types of winged animals in Senegal? In the event if that is true, ensure that you visit the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary when venturing out to Senegal. Likewise, this fantastic national fledgling asylum is a home for more noteworthy 30 types of flying creatures that incorporate pelican and fabulous pink flamingo. This shocking park wins the qualification of being one of the outstanding objectives having never-ending wellspring of water in the south of Sahara. Since activity of the Diama Dam on the Senegal River started in 1988, specialists have watched a bringing down of the water level, desalinization, and silting. The progressions represent a danger to the fauna and verdure. There has been specifically an expansion of typhus and phragmites.

Visiting Hours: 08:00 am to 06:00 pm
Entry Fees: Fee of 5,000 FCFA (about $9) per person
Phone: +221 77 181 02 59


Kaolack, town, west-focal Senegal. It lies on the bank of the Saloum River, 95 miles (150 km) southeast of Dakar. Which edges the Gambia toward the south. Kaolack is a huge nearby market town and is Senegal's essential nut trading and getting ready core interest. Its attractions start with the gigantic central square of Medina Baye – respect sees the turquoise-domed most noteworthy purposes of the unprecedented minarets. Kaolack is the point of convergence of one of the huge piece of the Tijani (Tijāniyyah) solicitation of Islam, whose staggering mosque of al-Ḥājj Ibrāhīm Niasse is essentially outside the town. Pop. (2004 EST.) 178,684.


Saint Louis, Wolof Ndar, island city and seaport close to the mouth of the Senegal River, and rail end north-upper east of Dakar, Senegal. The island and city are associated with the territory by a land connect. Holy person Louis, established in 1659, is the most seasoned frontier city on the western African coast and was the authoritative capital of the French West African domains of Mauritania and Senegal. The foundation of Dakar (with a superior port), the structure of the railroad connecting the two urban communities, making of a French West Africa central station at Dakar, and the finishing of the Dakar-Niger railroad prompted the decay of Saint-Louis. It is presently an angling focus, stream rail move point for the exchange of the Senegal valley, and home to Gaston-Berger University. Holy person Louis was assigned an UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. Pop. (2004 EST.) 162,089.


Saly is a ocean side location in this district on the Petite Côte of Senegal, south of Dakar. It is the top vacationer objective in all of West Africa and has the status of an aggregate; Saly was at first a Portuguese trading post known as Porto de Ale, which became Portugal, and later Sali Portugal. On February 24, 1984, the lodging was made on some time ago surrendered tract of land near the past trading post. It was about this time the movement business began to take off in Senegal.

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